1952 Chevrolet Interiors

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For 1952, Chevrolet introduced colorful new deluxe interiors. Chevy claimed that it was a new concept in color harmony. For example, Green outside – Green inside or Blue outside – Blue inside or Gray, Maroon, Beige, or Black outside – Gray Inside.

In prior years it was standard in most cases to have dull light gray or dark gray interiors. These new deluxe interior colors were carried out in even finer fabric than prior years. Exciting new designs in super chevron patterned flat cloth with solid bands of highest quality broadcloth.

Magazine advertising for the new 1952 Chevy interiors stated the following – “Fine materials and workmanship make these new interiors as practical and durable as they are attractive and different.” Find 1952 Chevrolet interior colors here.

Green 1951 Chevrolet Interiors
1952 Chevrolet Interiors – Green

The new 1952 Chevrolet instrument panel was called a “Safety Sight Instrument Panel”. In a 1952 Chevrolet sales brochure “The Safety Sight Instrument Panel has a gracefully curved design that eliminates glare from instrument lights reflecting in the windshield”. It went on to say that – “Instruments are conveniently grouped, control knobs recessed, for ease and safety with color treatment conforming to overall interior colors”.

1952 Chevrolet Dash
1952 Chevrolet Interiors – 1952 Chevy Dash

1952 Chevrolet Interiors
1952 Chevrolet Interiors

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