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Chevrolet was no performance car in 1952, and wouldn’t be until the Chevrolet V-8 was introduced in 1955. The two 1952 Chevrolet engines and transmissions were basically the same as 1950 and 1951 cars. The two engines were a trend setting valve in head power plants that were not rated for performance but for economy. The choice of the two transmission was based upon what a customer wanted. If a customer likes to do more driving than just step on the throttle and brake, the powerglide had the advantage. For the person that did not mind shifting, the standard transmission was better.

“Enjoy smoother centerpoise power – Engine rides flexibly suspended, centered, poised, cushioned in rubber. Vibration is screened out power is smoothed out!” Described 1952 Chevy car engine advertising. “Enjoy smoother, simpler Powerglide – Only automatic transmission in its field that is oil-smooth and oil-cooled, with fewer parts to require service.” Described 1952 Chevrolet car powerglide transmission advertising.

1952 Chevrolet Inline 6 Cylinder engine
1952 Chevy 6 Cylinder Engine
216.5 Cubic Inch – 92 Horse Power at 3400rpm – Equipped With 3 Speed Standard Transmission

Specifications: Inline six with overhead valves and cast iron block. Displacement was 216.5 cubic inch with a bore and stroke of 3-1/2 X 3 3/4 inches. Compression ratio of 6.5:1 developing 90 horsepower at 3400 RPM. Four main bearings and solid valve lifters. Carburetor was a single barrel Rochester B or BC (automatic choke on BC), Stromberg BXOV-2 Model 380286 or Stromberg BXOV-25 Model 380270. Rear end had a 4.11:1 gear ratio and most 1951 Chevrolet cars were equipped with a 3 speed standard transmission.

1952 Chevrolet Powerglide Transmission and 6 Cylinder Engine
1952 Chevy 6 Cylinder Engine
235.5 Cubic Inch – 105 Horse Power at 3600rpm
Equipped With Two-Speed Powerglide Transmission

Specifications: Inline six cylinder, overhead valve, cast iron block. Displacement 235.5 cubic inch and developed 105 horsepower at 3600 RPM.  Bore and stroke 3-9/16 X 3-15/16 inches, compression ratio was 6.7:1, four main bearings and hydraulic valve lifters.  Carburetor was a Rochester one barrel BC.  Rear end was a 3.55:1 gear ratio rear axle used with powerglide transmission. 1952 Chevrolet’s For Sale

1952 Chevrolet Powerglide Advertising
Chevrolet Powerglide Advertising
For Low-Cost Motoring At Its Smooth And Easy Best!

A booklet was prepared to introduce customers to their new 1952 Chevy. It contained information about everyday service, the breaking in period, lubrication and general information. 1952 Chevrolet Engines and Parts For Sale

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1952 Chevrolet Cars For Sale