1952 Chevrolet Dealer Literature – Powerglide

1952 Chevrolet Cars For Sale

This 1952 Chevrolet Dealer Literature pointed out all the new mechanical improvements for ’52. Improvements to the carburetor, jumbo drum brakes, Knee Action ride, Ecomo Miser rear axle, new automatic choke, box girder frame, hydraulic valve lifters, improved shock absorbers, Fisher unisteel construction and center point steering. The literature points out that “For Low Cost Motoring At Its Smoothest And Easy Best” choose Powerglide. Why? Until you drive a new Chevrolet with Powerglide Automatic Transmission You’ll never know how smooth, simple and safe low cost motoring can be.

Describing the ride on the a 1952 Chevrolet car – “Enjoy a softer, smoother ride. Chevrolet’s famed Knee-Action ride is now smoother, gentler than ever. New Quick Reflex shock absorber action tames bumps with faster, more continuous spring control. You notice the difference in how rested and relaxed you feel at the end of the day’s drive.”

1952 Chevrolet Bel Air
Title: New Features – Proved and Improved – Solid Quality Throughout! The low-cost motoring at it’s smooth and easy best – Powerglide. Plus – engine, brakes, frame, steering and rear axle.

Model: 1952 Chevrolet Powerglide.

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    Powerglide Transmission

    1952 Chevrolet Powerglide
    1952 Chevrolet Powerglide

    In 1952, Chevrolet used a two speed automatic transmission designed by General Motors called the Powerglide. Chevrolet used the Powerglide from 1950 to 1973. At first Chevrolet used the powerglide in their Bel Air series. By 1954s, more than half of all new Chevrolets were sold with Powerglide automatic transmision. The powerglide transmission was simple and very durable.

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    1952 Chevrolet Cars For Sale