1952 Chevrolet Advertisement Preventive Maintenance

1952 Chevrolet For Sale

See in this 1952 Chevrolet Advertisement service ad how a little bit of work that can save you a lot of work. The work Chevy called Preventive Maintenance or PM. Chevy said this work like the work you do on your home will save money.

This vintage 1952 Chevrolet Advertisement of Dailey Chevrolet Company in South Boston, Massachusetts encouraged Preventive Maintenance on chassis service, engine service and body service.

This ad also claimed that “Only Chevrolet Dealers Can Give You Safe-T-Way Service”.

1952 Chevrolet Advertisement
1952 Chevrolet Advertisement – 1952 Chevrolet Deluxe

1952 Chevrolet Advertisement – 1952 Chevy Belair Two Door Hard Top

1952 Chevy Belair
1952 Chevy Belair Two Door Hard Top

The 1952 Chevrolet Bel Air continued to be popular for a typical low-priced automobile. The were introduced January 19, 1952. 827,317 were made. Chevrolet sales promotions were largely based on the concept that it offered the features of a high-priced automobile at the market’s lowest price. The Bel Airs came only in the Deluxe line. They could be ordered in 4 solid colors or 11 two tone colors.