1952 Chevrolet Advertisement Belair

1952 Chevrolet Cars For Sale

In this Chevy Ad find out – “Why You’ll Prefer the Chevrolet Body Styles by Fisher For Styling, comfort and Safety!” What does Chevrolet’s world famous Body by Fisher really mean? It means beauty with styling that sets the standard wherever you go, as well as deep down quality and fine craftsmanship in every detail. It means steel welded to steel safety with Fisher Unisteel Construction. It means a choice of 26 solid and two tone color combinations with spacious and splendid color matched interiors, including two tone color combinations on all Deluxe sedans and coupes.

It means the extra protection of safety plate glass all around or E-Z-Eye plate glass. All of these wonderful advantages of Body by Fisher are yours only with Chevrolet in the low price field.

1952 Chevrolet Belair 2 Door Hard Top
1952 Chevrolet Belair 2 Door Hardtop Magazine Advertising

1952 Chevrolet Belair
1952 Chevy Belair

This 1952 Chevrolet Belair appears to be a completely stock and recently restored classic. The new 1952 Chevrolet grille teeth were bold. The rear taillights and front parking lights were fresh and examples of new styling on the 1952 Chevrolet hardtop belair.

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1952 Chevrolet Cars For Sale