1952 Chevrolet Accessories

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Designed for Chevrolet, by Chevrolet engineers, and made of the highest quality materials, genuine Chevrolet accessories dressed up the 11 new models offered by Chevrolet in 1952. “Genuine Chevrolet Accessories For ’52!” actually increased the 1952 Chevrolet value, made for much safer driving, more pleasant driving and more comfortable driving. Every accessory shown below was created to give Chevy customers long satisfactory service. “You’ll Enjoy Driving With Accessories Made Exclusively For Chevrolet” said one 1952 Chevrolet Accessory handbook.

When referring to a Deluxe Steering Wheel available as an accessory, the Chevrolet Accessory Manual had the following to say… “Designed for the Chevrolet owner who takes real pride in his car. Each and every accessory here has been created to give your Chevrolet the luxurious appearance and beauty such a fine car deserves. All Chevrolet accessories are built to exacting Chevrolet standard.”

1952 Chevrolet Accessories
Genuine 1952 Chevrolet Accessories

  • Fender Antenna
  • Custom De Luxe Radio Manual
  • Custom De Luxe Radio Auto
  • Rear Seat Speaker
  • Recirculating Heater and Defroster
  • Air Flow Heater and Defroster
  • Accelerator Pedal Cover
  • Door Arm Rest
  • All Weather Ventishades
  • Electric Vanity Visor Mirror
  • Visor Vanity Mirror
  • Right Hand Sun Visor
  • Traffic Light Viewer
  • Five-Contour Electric Shaver
  • Chevrolet Tool Kit
  • Illuminated Cigarette Lighter
  • Ash Receiver
  • Overflow Condenser
  • DeLuxe Steering Wheel
  • Wheel Discs
  • White Sidewall Rings
  • Wheel Trim Rings
  • Tail Pipe Extension
  • Rear Fender (skirts) Panels
  • Rear Fender Molding Unit
  • Gas Tank Filler Guard
  • Front Fender Shields
  • Quick Action Windshield Washer
  • Direction Signals
  • Gasoline Filter Unit
  • Front and Rear Fender Guards
  • Trunk Guard
  • Locking Gas Tank Cap
  • Back-Up Lamps
  • Auxiliary Lamps
  • Safety Light and Rear View Mirror
  • Portable Spotlight
  • Exterior Sun Visor
  • Door Top Rain Deflector Mirror
  • Outside Rear View Mirror
  • Glare Proof Rear View Mirror
  • Windshield Glareshade
  • Electric Clock
  • Tissue Dispenser

1952 Chevrolet Accessories Manual
1952 Chevrolet Accessories Manual

  • Rayon Seat Covers
  • Red Plaid Fiber Seat Covers
  • Blue Stripe Fiber Seat Covers
  • Blue Fibre Seat Covers
  • Roman Stripe Fiber Seat Covers
  • Houndstooth Fiber Seat Covers
  • Black and Gray Stripe Plastic Seat Covers
  • Plaid Plastic Seat Covers
  • Multi Color Plastic Seat Covers
  • Blue Square Plastic Seat Covers

1952 Chevrolet Seat Covers
Special Deluxe Seat Covers for 1952 Chevrolets

1952 Chevrolet Accessories
Custom Steering Wheel and Custom DeLuxe Radio With Push Button Tuning

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